Fool's Gold

by Heavyweight

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Trent Coleman
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Trent Coleman The Album that started it all... I honestly cant word how superb this album is besides that every time I listen to this I smile really hard haha. Favorite track: Home.
Jerry Hou
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Jerry Hou A more progressive take on the easycore genre, with pristine production and thoughtful lyrics. What more could you want? :) Favorite track: Wilt Chamberlin.
Sean Sandoval
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Sean Sandoval Ez takeover 2016 Favorite track: Fool's Gold.
Carlos Rodriguez
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Carlos Rodriguez Incredible debut ep! Pick this up! Favorite track: Still Searching.
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released July 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Heavyweight San Diego, California

Progressive easycore from San Diego, California. Daydream EP Out NOW.
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Track Name: Killing Time
It’s our time to define
everything we want to be
but for now we’ll hang out and kill time doing nothing
I never feel alone in this world 'cause theres never an end to it all
I know you think that we’re dead and buried
but there’s much that you just don’t see
stop wasting our time
tell me to grow up and where I need to be
this is a part of me that I don’t want to leave
its not a weight on my leg to keep me from moving on
all I need is my friends and if you tell me different then you’re gone
every night I sit tight and think about everything
they say life's just about all of the money you need
I never feel alone in this world I won't listen to the shit you feed.
I know that we’ve be at it for years before
you ever cared what we did but thats no more
we’ll try to make our mark but for now stop wasting our time
I know that the tables are turning
finally you seem to be learning
I put my faith in them
and now I can’t pretend that I am all alone
don’t bring me down
Track Name: Wilt Chamberlin
I’ve been having trouble sleeping
I’ve been having nightmares for weeks
the same one again and again
I should know how this ends
with a knife in my chest cutting deep
all this time that I spent thinking of the next day
wasn’t time that I was spending in the best way
sometimes I wonder what’s going on in my head
and other times I think I might as well stay in bed
Another sleepless night but I can’t make a change
I can’t last another day I’m falling apart
Another sleepless night I’m gonna make a change
I can’t last another day
I’ll take a good hard look around at this overwhelming process of aging
and take a second chance to pull myself off the ground
just a slightly better version of the person I used to be.
And yea some things they really need to be figured out
so I’ll travel down that broken road
and I’ll hate to say that I told you so
but hesitation's the breeding ground of fear and doubt
my voice is like a pessimist and I can’t afford to start listening
maybe its not fair at all life is just a path you choose
it just shows you don’t care at all and you’ve got everything to lose
maybe it means more to me to escape my solitude
look around and then you’ll see that you’ve got everything to lose
Let’s set this straight the time to talk is over
you can’t disguise yourself anymore
circles you’re running seem so fitting
you need to pull yourself off of the floor
I don’t know what it means to end the day and fear the next one coming
I just know that for things to stay the same you’ll be the one who’s nothing.
Track Name: Fool's Gold
Things will never be the same between us now
wish we never even met do you remember how
should have known that they were right
all we did was fucking fight
couldn’t make it through the night
now you’re not around
you never listen to me
so I’ll stay here while I wait for something more,
something more than everything you gave me
Anything you say I’m gonna throw right back
I never wanted us to end like that
all I want is no reminder that you’re still here
this emptiness won’t bring me down
by the way you left scars that go much deeper than my skin
but I have finally learned something I’d be better if I never let you in
at least I’m learning from the mistakes I made
and I’m never coming back its too late
remember when you promised you’d never leave
remember when I was dumb enough to believe
Every little thing you did just let me down
its no surprise that any comfort I found
is as far away from you as it could be now
let's set it off
Track Name: Home
Sitting back and taking all this shit
if only you knew what was in my head
and everything that I am dealing with now
I spent so much time trying to make you proud
why can’t you just look at what I did
instead of all of the places I’ve been
turn me inside out to see what I’m all about
the worst in me has always been in you
not a single piece of me is how it ever first was
everything i’ve learned from this
has helped me come so far
don’t say all your words to me they mean nothing in the end
I just can’t keep bending backwards for you
but I know there's so much that we’ve been through
I’m not saying I need to leave
just accept our differences
and let me breathe
take me back home
burn every bridge we worked to fucking build
this is all I know just show that you can hear me
this is all that I need
let me breathe
Track Name: Still Searching
I’ll admit that it was too hard
to keep it together when you
were too far from me to see
how much you made me lose my fucking mind
you’ll swear that I’m wrong but I was always right
take it from me this isn’t where I want to be
everyones fucking trying to fix me
every day just wastes time
I have to bite my tongue
just to get by
I can’t make up mind
I’m wasting time
I have to bite my tongue
just to get by
I can’t make up my mind
is in shambles or breaking down
right in front of me
still searching for what I used to be
before I knew how much you made me lose my fucking mind
I’ll let you be
my thoughts just won’t leave me
don’t think that ever again will I feel this
I’m hating everything that makes me fucking miss it
our memories fade
forget my name.
Track Name: Fernwood
Since you just left for someone more amusing
you might as well say he meant nothing to me
I know I fucked up does that justify the loss
of all the trust that we built are you better off
with everyone you said you hated
when I was by your side
with all the values that you traded
you fucked me over don’t try to save your pride
I bent too much I broke this time
I spent so much time chasing something
that ended up just meaning nothing
I thought that we might have a future
for now you’ll just be someone that I miss
no matter how hard I try it won’t feel the same
all your bullshit just keeps coming back to me
but I don’t want to think that there’s a chance for this
just be straight up and say that you’re over it
I just sat back and watched you walk away
was more than content with playing your games
but now I don’t know what to say
you fucked this all up
so try to run and find some solace
but it won’t work this time
you’re out of luck
theres no place left to hide
I’ll keep on saying I’ll move forward
but that’s about as true as your words
you said that we would never change
but now nothing will ever be the same
why couldn’t I have learned the first time
I let you in over and over again
all that I can hope for is that I might learn
from all my mistakes in the end
You threw away all the trust I had in you