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Trent Coleman
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Trent Coleman From "Fool's Gold" to "Day Dream" Heavyweight is stellar and defines Pop-punk like no other! These guys keep me on my toes and gets my blood pumping no matter what I'm doing or where I am. Favorite track: Battle Scars.
letzgetzesty thumbnail
letzgetzesty progressive easycore or as they would put it "EZcrab". very well put together - definitely worth a listen Favorite track: Shiprock.
Sean Sandoval
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Sean Sandoval This band is taking easycore to new places. They have a progressive/djentish sound to go with catchy pop punk chords and chorus'. Favorite track: Curveball.
Carlos Rodriguez
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Carlos Rodriguez What a banger! pick this up asap! Favorite track: Curveball.
Mario Parra
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Mario Parra Best easycore band out there at the moment, pushing the limits and developing a new sound that hasn't been heard before.
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released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Heavyweight San Diego, California

Progressive easycore from San Diego, California. Daydream EP Out NOW.
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Track Name: Battle Scars
Hate ridden inside
But I try to not fight
You can't justify your bad decisions
Learn your lesson
If there's one thing I've learned
It's throwing punches is hardly worth
All of the rage I continue to grow underneath my shell
I try to find peace as I wander through hell
I'll remain calm
Deconstruct your notions about the way of things
Change your thoughts of anger
To ones of positivity
Why don't you fucking think before taking a swing
It's all over nothing
I dont think you realize that this
Isn't a place to harm all those around you
I think a change of pace is far overdue
Continue to fuel the fire and one day you'll finally break
Wondering where you went wrong
You've picked your poison
All your battle scars wont get you very far
I've always believed
That this is a sacred place
For meeting people like me
Who need a break from the world
Just a minute to breathe
So why do you push violence rather than seek unity
Fighting's so fucking stupid there's no reason that I see
It ruins everything
Track Name: Shiprock
I keep losing touch with everything
And I'm failing to clearly see the
Differences between the joys and sorrows
That my life can bring
I'll push the thoughts aside
Deep into the corners of my mind
But don't search or look inside
You won't like the answers you may find
There's times where it is hard to try
I know there's nothing that I can control here
Fuck up, repeat
It's the usual for me
Learn the hard way
And I know theres times when its not alright
But I won't let that get in the way of
All my hopes and dreams
This is all thats important to me
Before this I felt
There's nothing for me
Then I left and regained my sanity
Friendships I've made and places I've seen
Let me know this is where I want to be
Why should I continue to listen
To the negative voice in my head
I'm going to rise from the bottom this time
And grab exactly what I want out of life
Track Name: Curveball
Let's get one thing straight I never meant to lie
It's just the things you felt weren't the same as mine
because I know it would just end the same as it always did
and that's the only constant
It never helped me sleep at night
I never needed anybody by my side
or in my life
I'm on my own
I'll be just fine
No regrets I'm so done feeling sorry
For everything I do you say that you despise
Over and over
There's been something uncovered
It just wasn't worth my time
Since it doesn't seem things will work out for me
I'm over listening so just keep your mouth shut
It's alright to spend time down on memory lane
Just know that I'm all gone and you're to blame
Track Name: Daydream
We're at it again
but this time it's different
we started so small
but we've been on our way from
all alone and it's not so big now
setting a course for a different way
maybe I don't have a chance in hell
maybe it's a long shot
maybe there's a big break
but when all that's on my mind
are roads and signs
I'm never losing sleep
motion is never wrong
I've been thinking my life out in my backyard
all of this stress it feels like an overdose
and at times everything just seems too hard
but I know they're the things I forget when I'm gone
run your mouth about how it's pointless to proceed
or how it's a waste of what's within me
it's too bad that I have already seen
there is more to pursue than just monetary gain
if anything stands in my way
I'll burn it down
just like all of the obstacles I found
I don't want the attention
don't give a fuck about pay
what I value are the memories I'll make
Track Name: Clear to See
It seems that you have something to prove well
I hate that I have to bear some bad news
It took some time but I've made my decision
that your opinion won't fit into the equation
I think it's clear to see
that you just follow a trend
but what happens when it comes to an end
it might be what people like
but its not what I prefer to write
I don't think its right to change sounds overnight
just to fit what everyone's trying to find
so I think that we'll stay with the way that we play
and I won't give much thought to the things that you say
but if it catches on then you'll act like
you have been about this for your whole life
I won't try to take away your right to
I'll stand by these songs
no matter what new things come through
You said this would never work
chewed up and left out in the dirt
how can you live with yourself
now that we have your attention
I'll fill you in on the current situation
I think that it's clear to see
that we'll stop at nothing